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MyLand MTB NON STOP is a long-distance mountain bike itinerary through the Marmilla region in South-Western Sardinia. It connects the mountains Monte Arci, and Grighine, and the plateau of the  Giara, running through quite a number of towns of the Marmilla. Three loops for a tour to all tastes, spanning 400, 220, or 120 km. You can decide the number of hours you’d like to pedal to complete the itinerary, using the various equipped check-points, navigating on our GPS tracks and on the instructions from our tour-book. Following the first edition of 2015, the second will take place from  Saturday 23 April to Monday 25 April 2016.

Interview with Michele Pinna from Arzana, signed up for the 400 km

Michele sul tetto della Sardegna, a Perdas Crapias (Punta La Marmora)

  Hi Michele, it’s the first time you participate in MyLand, and you chose the 400 km straight away; what inspired you to sign up? I love long distances, the more time I spend in the saddle the better my mind and body are satisfied. I would also’ve partiipated last year, but I’d already scheduled to do  Sardegna Extreme, which in did, in May, whereas MyLand took place in March, barely two months…

ARI Off-road Licence for the 220 km and the 400 km


The ARI Off-road Licence is a certificate issued to athletes that succeed in completing the distances indicated by the various events according to the performance schedules of  ARI (Audax Randonnée Italia), the only Italian association recognized by ACP (Audax Club Parisienne), and RM (Les Randonneur Mondiaux) as an organization authorized to issue randonnée licences. The discipline of the ‘randonneurs’ (which in French means “strays”) was born in France in 1904, in the circles…

“Fatbiking Europe” talks about MyLand MTB NON STOP

fat di sebastiano fossi2

We love fatbikes and fatbiking. We also love the sense of community that fatbiking has enjoyed over the years. This magazine exists to champion the little guy, celebrate the artisan, promote the independent and in general help keep the friendly niche feel of fatbiking alive and thriving in the face of increased commercialisation and mainstream popularity… That’s the point of Fatbiking Europe and this is the article about MyLand MTB NON STOP More, here’s a…

21.02.2016 – Two new articles (in Spanish and German) on MyLand


They were published by the Spanish online magazine TodoMountainBike and by German blog PecoraNera, entirely dedicated to Sardinia. Read Spanish article Read German article    

10.02.2016 – Sharing travel expenses in the van


Two participants from Tuscany will arrive in Sardinia with a van and they are seeking other two people who want to participate in Myland MTB NOT STOP to split the travel expenses, which will be so much lower to come by plane or by car on their own. Who is affected write to info and registration office.

05.02.2016 – Arrival in Sardinia. Travel and accomodations


To arrive in Sardinia from Italian peninsula or from Europe there are two alternatives: by air / by ferry. The ferry, with the ability to bring the car, is often cheaper if you are two persons (better three or four persons), because you have not to pay for the bike transport in the aircraft hold and because you have not to pay for a transfer to reach Myland MTB NOT STOP headquarters, at…